Introducing our new FAP60 TFT Sensor

Radically Thin. 
Astonishingly Lightweight.

The FBI’s Appendix F standard requires that all ten-print enrollments follow a “4-4-2” workflow for enrollment. Capturing and “stitching” images together slows the process and creates the potential for segmentation errors, which negatively impact matching engines.

“The practice of “stitching” together images that were not captured simultaneously is prohibited.”

FBI Electronic Biometric Transmission Specification 10.0

Today's Challenge

The largest truly mobile sensor is a FAP45, which captures just two fingerprints at a time.

The Latest Innovation

Crossmatch gives government agencies what they’ve needed for years: a truly mobile ten-print fingerprint sensor.
The Crossmatch sensor is the only FAP60 Thin FilmTransistor (TFT) technology for compliant mobile ten-print. Radically thin and astonishingly lightweight, the Crossmatch sensor captures ten-prints the way the FBI intended – without stitching.

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